Recommended Equipment

While most workouts can be done with no weight or objects found around the house, here are some links to equipment that is cheap and will give you the most out of this program!

  • Resistance Bands (This is probably the most versital piece of equipment you can get! great for pushing, pulling, squatting and many other things!)

  • Dumbbells (You can get these at your local Walmart, Dicks, and online at places like Amazon. So many things can be done with a set of dumbbells and you will use them a lot if you have them! Doesn't have to be heavy!)

  • Kettlebell (Similar to dumbbells and can be used for most of the same things)

  • AB Mat (This takes Sit-Ups to the next level! The ab mat makes you use your core a little extra and is an amazing cheap piece to get!)

  • Jump Rope (Great cheap cardio piece that will get your heart rate up and be a great scaling option for running on bad weather days)

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any equipment questions!


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